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You Will be Amazed What Will Come Out of Your Gut! Eat This Meal for Dinner for 3 Days!

Why cleaning the intestines is important? Together with the lungs, skin and kidneys, intestines eliminate toxins. Intestinal flora is important because the intestines contain more than 100 trillion bacteria and microorganisms. The friendly bacteria stimulate blood antibodies, which allow the body to deal with toxins and allergens, produce vital nutrients, and protect against harmful bacteria and parasites that could lead to infection.

When the intestines are clogged with toxins and mucus, the result is a toxic buildup that affects your health at all levels. This can lead to bad or no absorption of nutrients, which leads to lack of energy and malnutrition, and skin problems. In the absence of a healthy intestinal flora, parasites and “bad” bacteria can thrive, leading to problems such as gas, bloating, infections and skin problems such as acne.

Here are the steps to preserve the health of the intestines. This salad cleans the fecal fat in the guts and thereby reduces the weight and the bonus of this salad is that it adjusts the acidity in the stomach.

Its main components will enrich your body with vitamins and minerals, fiber and pectin.

You need:

Dark leafy vegetables (such as lettuce, spinach)
Lime juice
Olive oil

Cut the cabbage, beets and carrots in a ratio of 3: 1: 1.

Add herbs according to your own taste (dill, parsley, celery). Mash the vegetables to release their juices.

Add a little lemon juice.

If you wish, you can add a clove of garlic.

Season with a little olive oil or flaxseed oil.

Tip: You should not put salt in your salad.

This healthy food contributes to effective cleaning of the intestines. Therefore, due to the disposal of fecal fat, your weight will decrease.

But that’s not all: because some of the ingredients of this salad are low-fat, using it as a meal (like dinner, for example) can also help to reduce body fat.



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