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After Reading This, You’ll Never Put Toilet Paper on a Toilet Seat Again (VIDEO)

In public restrooms, even in the relatively clean ones, for obvious reasons, it is difficult not to succumb to the feeling of disgust. But as they say, when you got go you got to go! The decision to lay the toilet seat with toilet paper to protect yourself from germs seems obvious, but the reality is far more severe than you think…

Sanitary hygiene

In the public restrooms almost nobody closes the toilet seat cover when flushing. At that moment, all the germs that are on the rim of the toilet bowl and under the rim, scatter throughout the room and settle on all surfaces. And on the toilet paper as well.

For the same reason, do not use electric dryers for hands: the strong air stream works for the benefit of the spread of germs.

The best option is antiseptic paper towels, because, as a rule, they are in a special protective containers, respectively, are more hygienic.

Remember that you cannot see the germs, but they are all around! And it is best after visiting a public toilet to wipe your hands with antiseptic tissues.

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