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Here’s How to Wash Your Clothes Without Bleach (Easy and Cheap Tricks)!

Everyday more people avoid the use of chemicals and consider the health warnings regarding washing powders. Thus, the potentially harmful products that we use every day are (gradually) replaced with natural alternatives. Including, those for cleaning, washing and bleaching white clothes. Here is how to replace them!

Heres How to Wash Your Clothes Without Bleach

Most people use optical brighteners (also called brightening agents) based detergents. These solutions make clothes cleaner and “whiter”. Optical brighteners contain microscopic fluorescent particles to whiten laundry. These synthetic chemicals glow when exposed to ultraviolet light, giving the illusion that your clothes are clean.

Most of the optical brighteners are derivatives of benzene; a very hazardous substance which does not decomposes and remains in the water, which can poison the aquatic organisms and fish.

Bleaching products containing optical brighteners may be related to allergic reactions: phototoxicity. This usually occurs when you wear clothes previously washed with optical brighteners. The chemicals penetrate the skin and begin to react with the sunlight, causing irritation and a rash that may looks like sunburn.

Chlorine-based bleaching products can cause serious health problems. Their improper use may result in the formation of toxic gases and dioxins. These can lead to respiratory complications, kidney damage and certain cancers.

If you want to stop the use of toxic bleaching chemicals, start using natural tricks!


Here are two simple lemon based tips for bleaching clothes:

Tip # 1


In a large bowl, pour hot water and a large amount of lemon juice, then soak the clothes, and let them stay in this solution during the night. Next day, wash your clothes in the washing machine with the usual laundry detergent. Try this method again if the first time does not give the expected results.


Tip # 2


The easiest way is to add a cup of lemon juice in the washing machine rinse cycle. After washing, dry the clothes in the sun.

Other uses of lemon:

Lemon juice can replace the toxic cleaners in the following cases:

– in dissolving fat accumulation

– in cleaning wooden furniture

– in removing lime scale that is hazardous for the health

Lemon juice can bleach the clothes and remove rust stains from clothing and other fabrics. Just squeeze the juice of a lemon and apply it to the stain and sprinkle salt. Rub the affected area with a cloth.

Then use water and soap to clean the stain completely. Repeat until the stain disappears completely.


Here are more tips for bleaching clothes:

  1. Baking soda

Baking soda helps bleaching clothes and improves the quality of the clothes, making them softer.

– You just add ½ cup of baking soda to your washing machine since this miraculous powder improves the action of the machine.

– You can also prepare a water-based dough and baking soda and apply it directly to unwanted stains before putting them in your washing machine.


  1. Hydrogen peroxide (3%)

Hydrogen peroxide (3%) is non-chlorine bleach. Use it by adding ½ cup of hydrogen peroxide to your regular detergent to wash your clothes.

  1. White vinegar

Mix ½ cup or 1 cup distilled white vinegar with your usual detergent and wash your laundry. You can also use vinegar to spray it on the stains, collar and underarm strains to whiten white clothes. Do not worry; the vinegar smell will disappear with the drying.

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