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Ginger Compress for Cold, Flu and Many Other Diseases

We’ve all come, one day or another, to get sick at the wrong time. Sudden fatigue, weakness, fever, stuffy nose or coughs are symptoms that prevent us from accomplishing our most mundane daily tasks. If you experience these warning signs of the disease, you must take immediate preventive measures to stop its spread. That is why we present you a simple and effective method to neutralize the virus that causes colds and to relieve your pain: ginger compress.

Ginger Compress for Cold, Flu and Many Other Diseases

Known for its many benefits, this spice whose use dates back some 5,000 years, addresses the lack of energy and vitality, combat digestive problems and infections, and has a potent antiviral and anti-cancer power.

How to prepare ginger compress:

  • In a saucepan, pour 2.5 dl of water and bring to a boil.
  • Put 2 tablespoons grated ginger inside gauze loosely pressed to allow the water to infiltrate easily.
  • Turn down the heat on your pan until it produces more bubbles then immerse your ginger gauze. however careful not to boil the ginger. Let “infuse” ten minutes, wringing from time to time your gauze to make out all the ginger juice.
  • Then, holding the ends of a rather large piece of linen cloth to cover the entire area to be treated, dip it in your ginger water, then squeeze it gently to remove excess water without the spin completely.
  • Cool your just compresses the time that its temperature is bearable for you to avoid burns.
  • Once placed on the treatment area, cover the pad with a thick towel to preserve heat as long as possible.
  • As soon as the pad starts to cool down, repeat the same procedure using another piece of cloth, then alternate both for 15 minutes or so. You will see that the skin of the treated area becomes reddish sign of blood flow in that part, which will help to eliminate toxins and to address the problem you have.

You can reapply the compress ginger several times a day, depending on your state.

Besides the cold, this compress ginger can be used to relieve sore throat, cough, muscle lesdouleurs, flu, pain in the lower back, etc. It is applied directly on the affected area – for example on the nose in case of sinusitis, on the chest for colds, etc. – Or on the part of the organ responsible for the disease according to Chinese medicine: for example, if your child has an ear infection, apply a compress of ginger to relieve her kidney.

However, this method does not apply to children under two years, and is not recommended for headaches because its constrictive effect is harmful to the brain.

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