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Do Not Throw These Bags! When You See What They Can Do, You Will Preserve Them as Gold

Typically these bags filled with silicon dioxide or silica gel (Silica gel) can be found in shoe boxes. Most of us will get rid of immediately, thinking that they are toxic or at least unnecessary. The reality is quite different. Although silicon dioxide should not be swallowed, it has several other utilities inside our homes.

Do Not Throw These Bags

Silicon dioxide: what is it?

Silicon dioxide is a chemical compound which is obtained by combining a silicon atom with two oxygen atoms. Its chemical formula is SiO2. There are many forms of silicon, which vary depending on its properties. It is generally used in glass manufacture, cement and antireflection layers.

Silica gel, meanwhile, is a silicon hydroxide composed of porous grains whose size varies according to the method of preparation. Besides its chemical use, silica gel is used in the protection of certain foods and objects against the moisture in animal bedding and for dewatering beds and bouquets of dried flowers.

Here are some practical ways to use these bright white or yellow granules in your home:

  1. Keeps your training equipment dry

As explained above, silica absorbs moisture, and the fact of putting these small pouches in your gym bag or your training equipment will prevent the growth of bacteria, especially as wet environments promote their multiplication. So silica bags will eliminate odors and keep your bag clean and dry.

  1. Extends the life of your makeup

To prevent your makeup powder becomes wet, you just have to put one of these bags in your makeup bag.

  1. Preserves wardrobe mildew

Similarly, put silica gel sachets in your closet and it will prevent the spread of moisture and bad smell that accompanies it. No more moldy spots!

  1. Restores your phone in case it becomes drowning victim

The most amazing use of silicon dioxide is probably restoring your phone that felt into the water. In such situation, the first thing to do is remove the SIM card and battery, then put your phone in the middle of 4 or 5 silica gel packets that will absorb moisture and dry your phone more quickly.

  1. Combats rust

Slide some silica gel packets in your jewelry box and it will protect it against tarnishing. Besides, you can do the same to your silverware, your toolbox, and even razors!

Now that you know what those little bags can do, it would be a shame to throw them.

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